Update !

I got the planes 3-views in order and ready and few more calculations done. Name is now A4-TIKKA ( company name and plane name ). It means a woodpecker. Tank is now 20 liters and allows to fly 8 hours continuosly..it may end up being 15 liters. Each wing has a capacity for additional 50 liter wing tank, but for any realistic record the 15-20 liter wing tanks are possible to build and more likely. I tuned a cavity in between pilots feet for a tuned pipe...and actually the drag from engine and prop is minimal...the large spinner helps a lot. Tomorrow I'll be 3rd time in the invention foundation scrutiny ( or the design ). Then we will see how the realisation schedule will be. ---------- Many people think it is just to choose a foil in a project like this. HPAs fly at 11 mph and sailplanes 200 km/h..my plane foil is a high Cl_max foil in between. Purpose designed for this aircraft only. I think that is a proof on concept..all parts are customed to gain the goal...minimalist ac with solarpower capabilities to fly...and not looking like a teenager build glider. ---------- Well I'll inform you. Test pilot said it is extremely good proportioned and looks very real now.

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