Using thrust calculator to define the engine thrust

http://personal.osi.hu/fuzesisz/strc_eng/index.htm Above the Radne Raket 120 cc with a reduction gear. When you design a very low FPEA plane you need very little thrust for take of and use high pitch prop to achieve decent speed for a flight. Radne consumes only 2,5 liters in an hour.
Based on this combo and a large spinner FNX can cruise at 125 km/h at very minimal gas burn..actually allowing a 1800 km to be flown just at 36 liters.
Radne is sold with 1/3 reduction so this one above matches better.
This MZ-100 18 hp gives me even more "edge" over others.
I'd be really happy if this vehicle flew at 100 mph at 2,6 litre fuel consumption with a MZ-100.

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