Miracle MPG with new hybrid design !

I was thinking aloud at the HBA site about the miracle mpg and hypotethical MPG:s that are thinkable. I was watching the episode of the HOUSE where he got into nut house....but then I realized one more thing; If you get this 6 seater 21 m spanning 30 m2 winged 23 kg/m2 loaded aeroplane in the air and get 14-15 hp from solar panels and you have nearly olympic level cyclists turning the pedals at 0.5 hp level practically the whole day ( switching seat with the pilot every 1 hour to rest ) you get 12 hours of continuous flying as long as the sun is up. If you fly at 100 mph like I predict ( and the sail planes do )you'd be flying 1920 miles in a day lite....and now comes the new part..you have a sustainer engine of 20 hp output ( you need 1 hp more since the night time has less upward draft )that burns 5 liters at SFC ( specific fuel consumption ) of 0.250 in an hour...you have shifts to fly, but everyone on board can get a good nite sleep and after 12 hours the sun starts to work again ( you may have to get up and pedal if the plane is sinkin at nite ...and 5 people at emergency level can provide 5 hp...so 20+5 is 25 hp ) you get power to weight ratio of 0.033 hp/kg which is much better than Rutan Voyager had with rear engine alone...after ½ the fuel was burned. It ought to stay up at 0.02 level as well ( 20 hp gives 0.027 hp/kg ) which is ok for a plane with 30 l/d. At the night you burn 60 liters of fuel..which is pretty much the max you can take..then you have no more nite to pedal..but during the day you can pedal another 12 hours before sun sets. Guess what ? at 100 mph it means a trip of 3580 miles for 6 people...using 60 liters of fuel. This gives an unheard mileage in aviation..guess what it is ? IT IS 1432 PMPG ( passenger miles per gallon ) ! I estimate this will happen in 5-6 years !
Jules Verne predicted the outcome of the heavier than air machines in Robur le Conquerant -book in 1886...17 years before Wrights flew. 388.4 pmpg is not bad...I recall Burt Rutan Vari Ez did 140 pmpg already in 1975.

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