New innoavation !

Well lotsa hard work pays back. I was able to draw a 30 + 3 m2 winged solar ( + muscle )powered ac 36 m2 of panel area. I have now 6 people on board of which one is a pilot. This ac will generate with pedalling power and solar electricity 19 hp continuous ( 14 hp from panels and max 5 hp from human power ).Prop is mid fuse mounted 1,9 m dia. This may be a bit disappointment to many , but this 20,7 m spanning bird has L/D 28-30 and wingloading only 23,5 kg/m2. Power to weight ratio is still 0.02 hp/kg. It may a bit alarming, but since you know it has 13 kg/m2 less than any ac in same category hitherto then you know it is a massive force actually !

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