Structure initial design for Velocitrike

Here the ultralite styrofoam-plywood-carbon design !
The aim is to go to 10 kilo weight ( less than half of the competitors in the same class )! Noteworthy is also that the frontal area is 40-50% of the tadpole trikes.
Minor changes above...main wheel and tail wheels more forward. Tad less frontal rea..o.oo6 m2..into 0.211 m2 !
I almost forgot to design the hatch for the shoulder ..that is how the shoulders are getting inside.
Finally under 0.2 m2 frontal area..still Varna has less...but this has sectional area lover than ever.
This frontal area study informs about a critical feature...this will be extremely fast !
Top view was missing !
Rest of the fat was squeezed out now...rear end problem solved !
Bigger dia rear wheels tuned in !
Above in comparison with the world fastest bikes ! Wetted area at least is smaller right ?!


  1. Small wheel diameter will result more rolling resistance, please redesign for larger wheel diameter

  2. Ypou are correct I could increase the diameter by 5-6 centimeters !