The velomobile design led to new thinking in aeroplane..here is the three wheeler like no other !
Engines are the polish TJ-100..at 19 kg each and together 200 kg of thrust it might be awesome machine ! UP DATE ! A 80% version for AMT turbines ( or WREN ). The smallest twin engine jet ( if built and flown ).
An update to the smaller version !
The 11 000 euro AMT TITAN is supposed to power this craft at 0.381 power to weight ratio ( thrust to weight ). It is almost similar to Me-163 Komet, which went 1000 km/h !!! http://www.amtjets.com/Titan.php I chose to use the OLYMPUS engine at 23.5 kg thrust each and 0.22 thrust to weight ratio. Engines are 6 000 euros a piece.
Another small UPDATE..small corrections.
Cruise speed at 30 liter consumtion may be also 280 km/h..or 350 km/t even !
Above the 4450 usd engined version. Here is version for ZDZ-420 B4 JRS;
Here is a 12 ( to 18 ) aeroplane microlite aircraft carrier for it !
Interesting solution as a fighter ( cheap..small ) !
Here a new name...VT-JET !
Also thrust vectoring option by tilting the engines.
I am going to try to study if a really lite weight fighter was possible...above picture describes the "wall" I will certainly be faced with this.
Here fitted with 5 ( 1 internal for stealth mode and 4 external ) air to ground missiles. Dimensions have grown just a tad.


  1. This aeroplane seems good.

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  2. Is this areal plane? If so are there any plans available to build it?

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  4. Is there a reply to my question?
    Still interested to know if this is a real plane, and are there plans available to build one.
    Thank you