Downsizing 5th generation stealth fighter ?

My sole intention is to bring focus on these massive jets with this Gekko/Velociraptor. Gekko carries 4 MICA AAMs. I wonder if one day some nation would be interested to find a smaller yet capable jet aeroplane...with rocket boost ? I know one country that might need them.

Here I have this Velociraptor along with J-20 Mighty Dragon. Only the small APG/67 can be fitted in Gekko. MICA missiles in a different manner than in here.

New looks with less frontal area and increased stealthiness !

Update on radar installation.


  1. Where's the room for famous AN/APG-67? How can pilot safely eject from cockpit using ejection seat? Looks like he will lose his feet right after pulling the handle..

    Here is some kind of idea how much room you need to arrange for different systems. Have you thought that 700kg of kerosene is 1000 liters? Will there be enough room for fuel?


  2. The radar is there now..see the post.

    There is 1500 liters fuel on it.

  3. Radar is a bit more than antenna. It is about one meter long component totally.

    How about weight and balance? Where's c of g? seems to be quite much heavy stuff in the fornt part of this thing?