See how clean this consept is...no interference drag ( practically ) !.


Seem to work again;

To understand why V-RAPTOR can go mach 3 + with rockets read this; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_X-1 VR has 2.5 times less frontal area and burns rockets only 3 minutes. More data added:

Someone asked how come I get such high climb rate with such a small engine power. I also counted very high speed with fan alone burning just same as what Me-109 G-6 burned on combat. See the size. This Gekko/Velociraptor is 1.58 times smaller than already small 109...but this has more wing area...at high you can go fast with rockets. See Bell X-1 it was similarly sized as 109. It had only 27 kN thrust and went MACH 2.25 and into 27 KM ! Gekko can go at 36 + 7.32 kN up to 15 KM. Where the fan is shut down and inlets closed.


  1. You should concentrate on building design

  2. There is less building design going on right now. Thanks for the comment !

  3. Don't you think reducing the fossil fuel burn on fighters to 1/60 deserves for any purpose ?

  4. How can you get such climb rates with such low enginepower? Good aerodynamics make speed, power makes climb rate.

  5. No power has little to do with it. This has 160-360 kg/m2 wingloading and size is 1/5th of a JSF F-35 or F-22 RAPTOR. It is the power to weight ratio and cleaniness of the consept. Me-109 had 2 x better climb rate than a P-51D.

  6. What is the power to weight ratio today? If you want to make 2000 kilo thing climb fast, you'll need close to 2000 kilos of thrust.

  7. This has 2 x 18 + 7.2 = 43.2 kN thrust.

    Minimum take off weight is around 3400 kg.

    it is then 1.27 power to weight ratio...pretty massive.